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Why Your Restaurant Needs To Cater To Mobile Customers

  8 years ago Posted in: Websites
Why Your Restaurant Needs To Cater To Mobile Customers

Imagine this:

You’re sitting in your office going through your usual work day. Suddenly you realize your phone isn’t in your pocket and it’s not on its usual spot on the table. You look everywhere, and after a few minutes of searching, you start to panic.

Chances are you didn’t have to imagine that hard because you’ve experienced this fear of disconnect before. Yes, this is somewhat sad, but it’s our reality. Our entire world is so connected that when we lose that link to the virtual world we feel lost.

Therefore, if you don’t have the ability to connect with your customers on a mobile level, you’re going to lose them because it’s the same effect you have when you lose your phone.

Your customers can’t find you, they search, but then they’ll find a connection somewhere else, and you’ve lost them.

Still think mobile is something you can keep on the backburner?

Here’s a fact: More than 80% of all mobile users have searched for a restaurant.

There are almost 600 million mobile users, so 80% of them accounts for nearly 480 million. This number makes for a competitive landscape, but it also means it’s no longer an option to be mobile-friendly, it’s mandatory.

Now that it’s clear you need to have a mobile site, these are the more specific reasons why responsive mobile design is invaluable for your restaurant:


Mobile and Local Optimized Searches

Restaurants are perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the smartphone era since the majority of mobile users are using their devices to research products and experiences before they buy. Much of this pre-sale research also occurs while immediately faced with a sales decision, which provides a prime opportunity for you to entice on-the-spot eating decisions.

Furthermore, a surprising 90% of restaurateurs are not currently utilizing mobile-responsive design, which positions your restaurant favorably in the top 10% of your industry.

Downloadable Menus

The number one reason why people will be visiting your website is to view your menu. In the same way it needs to be formatted nicely for your physical menu you place on the table, it needs to be formatted correctly for mobile, too.

Make sure your menu has a large font that is easy to read and doesn’t require any scrolling from side to side. Mobile users that can easily view your menu are already half-way sold, then it’s just a matter of what they’re in the mood to eat.

Mobile Reservations

If there’s one way to describe mobile users it’s constantly on-the-go. These are people who either don’t want to call to make a reservation or they’re in a place where they can’t call. Having a “Make a Reservation” call-to-action button (even if it’s to a third party service such as OpenTable) will not only prompt users to make a commitment to dining at your restaurant, but they’ll appreciate how easy of an experience you created.

Improved User Experience

First impressions are lasting. On average, a customer waits for around 5-8 seconds before switching to another website, so you need to make sure you don’t give your customer a reason to bounce. With a mobile website that has fast loading time, easy navigation and beautiful visuals of your food, you’ll be set up for a great first impression.

mobile user experience


To sum it up, here’s what your restaurant’s mobile website should have-

  • Fast load time
  • Easy navigation
  • An easy-to-read menu
  • A clear call-to-action button (whether it be call to order, reserve a table, etc.)

When you think of your restaurant’s mobile website think about it like an extension of your lobby. It needs to inviting and set the stage for a great dining experience in order to get potential customers to take that next step of sitting at a table and placing an order.

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