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Why Having a Mobile Friendly Restaurant Website is Vital For Your Success

  7 years ago Posted in: SEO, Social Media, Websites
Why Having a Mobile Friendly Restaurant Website is Vital For Your Success

You’ve got a website up and running, social media profiles set up and your menu is online and available at the click of a button. You’re set for online success.

But what happens when you click the URL to your website when you’re on your phone? Does it automatically re-format to adjust to the size screen you’re on, or does it require scrolling up and down and side to side to see various parts of your menu?

Unfortunately, if the latter is what you’re looking at, your restaurant’s website is useless to the people most likely to need it NOW.

Sorry, but it’s just not enough to have a website anymore, now it’s mandatory to have a mobile friendly restaurant website, or else it can’t do what your website should be doing for you, which is driving business through your doors. Here’s why:


Google Makes the Rules 

Listen, we get that you’re pissed off that you had to spend all that money to get a nice website developed and now you’ve got to go back and hire someone to make it mobile responsive for you. But we don’t make the rules, Google does.

And when Google tells you that they’re going to stop ranking and indexing sites that aren’t mobile friendly in their search results, you better get with the times.

In an industry that’s already built up with tons of competition in your local market, especially in DC where the food scene is booming, you can’t afford to lose customers to your competition solely because they have a mobile friendly restaurant website and you don’t.

If you’re going to invest in anything related to your online presence by the end of this year, let it be in staking and maintaining your restaurant’s position on the first page of Google search results.

Mobile Devices are Used More than Desktop Devices

Take the restaurant factor out of the equation and look at this fact: The number of people utilizing mobile devices to search and purchase is getting extremely close to exceeding the number of internet users searching and purchasing on desktop devices.

That’s one of the reasons Google has made this shift in their algorithm, it’s because they’re looking at the way people are using technology now and how they’ll be predominantly using it in the future. By changing their algorithm they’re making sure businesses are keeping up with consumer’s habits and preferences.

It’s not to say that there won’t be some people who will go to your website from a traditional desktop computer or laptop, but you would hate to lose a large segment of potential customers just because they couldn’t properly navigate your site on the device they prefer to use.

Restaurants Specifically Cater to the On-The-Go Crowd

During their commute on the metro, waiting in line for coffee and killing 5 minutes between meetings. Those are the times your customer is going to want to take a glance at your menu, and if they can’t access it on their phone, they’ll be on to your competitor’s website next.

First impressions online are made within five seconds of someone landing on your website, which means there is absolutely no time for someone to zoom in and scroll around in order to find your navigation tabs (find your navigation…isn’t that an oxymoron?), especially when someone is trying to make dinner plans on the fly.

Design that is both visually appealing and responsive gets users through that five second impression so they’ll continue to peruse your site and find the information that will help them make the decision to dine at your restaurant.

I think we can both agree having a mobile friendly restaurant website is non-negotiable now that it’s all been laid out on the table. So what’s your next step?

Don’t let more time, customers, and profits get away from you. Shoot us a message and we would be happy to talk with you about configuring mobile-responsive design in to your site.

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