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5 Ways To Use Video Marketing For Your Restaurant This Year

  6 years ago Posted in: Social Media
5 Ways To Use Video Marketing For Your Restaurant This Year

While traditional recipes and delectable flavor combinations can stand the test of time, when it comes to your marketing, you’ve got to know how to pivot and do it fast because, in the social landscape, things change by the day, sometimes the hour.

And even though video marketing isn’t anything new (YouTube has been around since 2005, after all), video marketing is easily the top tactic to deploy across the web if you want to gain traction with your social media efforts in 2017.

Of course, there are other pieces to the marketing puzzle, too, but one of the big plus sides to using video marketing for your restaurant? You know people are already interested in food related video entertainment.

How? Food Network.

So, get your thinking cap on, or drop us a line, and let’s get some ideas brewing for how you can share top-notch content on video this year.
Here are a few places to start:

1.) Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one of the top things you can be doing on Facebook right now aside from running highly targeted Facebook ads to your restaurant’s surrounding zip codes.

Facebook Live has been making incredible updates over the last few months with the ability to generate closed captions (so people can watch your videos anytime without any worry of not having headphones), broadcast from your phone or your laptop, and they’re also rolling out the ability to do two-person broadcasts.

In addition to getting pushed to the top of your audience’s Facebook feed, you can post your live video as a permanent post to your page, so you can continue posting it and repurposing that content in the future.

2.) Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a relatively new feature on Instagram that’s similar to Facebook Live. The main difference between the two is that once you end your Instagram Live broadcast, your video doesn’t stay on the platform.

While that doesn’t allow for your content to have a long lifespan, it’s still a good way to open up communication lines with your target audience and a fun way to add exclusivity to your content there.

For example, you could promo that you’re going live at 1 p.m. for a special announcement and when it’s time to go live say, “Hey, we’re opening a half-hour early tonight for our Instagram Live VIPs to come in and enjoy happy hour drinks + try and test our new tasting menu on the house. Hope to see you there!”

That’s a short window of opportunity that gives people insider access, and it clues you into who your ideal target customers and potential online influencers/ambassadors are.

3.) Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories appear right at the top of your Instagram feed alongside Instagram Lives, but with Stories, you can upload multiple pieces of content.

With Instagram Stories, your content disappears after being up on your profile for 24 hours. However, you do have the ability to share your Story videos as permanent videos on your timeline.

Instagram Stories is a great place to share quick pieces of content that may not be as polished looking as the look you’re trying to achieve in your overall feed. And it’s also an ideal medium for sharing more “behind-the-scenes” content.

4.) Snapchat

Very similar to Instagram Stories (many consider IG Stories a ripoff of Snapchat), but the culture is a little different on Snapchat.
Snapchat is huge with teens and millennials, so if your restaurant’s brand has a very trendy aspect to it whether that be in the atmosphere, menu, neighborhood, service…or any one of those factors, Snapchat is a great place to connect with your target audience because that’s where they’re at.

Remember, it’s important to meet your target audience where they are, and even if you don’t love the impermanence of Snapchat, that’s where the attention is, so capitalize on it.

5.) On Your Website

While not a social networking platform, having a video on your website is a creative method of grabbing attention right when someone lands on your site.

The truth is, most people are coming to your site to check out your menu, so give them an extra piece of media that really gets their mouth watering with a brand video.

Invite them in, offer them a few highlights of your top dishes on the menu and send them off letting them know there’s a table waiting for them, just click the button below to reserve a table.

Now that’s not something you see on every restaurant website. The punchline: you have to stand out of the crowd to get the crowds to come to you.
No matter what channel you go with, by the sheer number of platforms that are new to the social media game…it’s an indicator that video marketing is going to get even bigger this year.

Don’t let this opportunity to connect with your audience and grow your loyal customer base pass you by.

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