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4 Steps to Promote Your Thanksgiving Feast for a Full Dining Room

  6 years ago Posted in: Social Media
4 Steps to Promote Your Thanksgiving Feast for a Full Dining Room

Nowadays with Halloween decor making its debut in late August and Christmas going on display before Halloween, Thanksgiving feels like a forgotten holiday.

Even though that may ring true for the retail industry, people certainly haven’t forgotten about Thanksgiving when it comes to making plans for their big feast, and that means you can’t forget about it either.

In fact, if you’re not on the ball with promoting your restaurant’s Thanksgiving dinner specials yet, follow this list to get those reservations rolling in so you can have a full house on Turkey Day.

Put A Reservation Sign-Up Form on Your Home Page

Before you get started with any Thanksgiving reservation promotions, you need to get your sign-up forms up and running.

We suggest putting a sign up form “above the fold” (aka within the first scroll) of your homepage, creating a landing page solely catering toward your Thanksgiving Day feast with a sign up form, and setting up a polite pop up that appears advertising Thanksgiving reservations when it looks like someone’s leaving your site.

Let Your List Know

These are people who want to hear from you, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have signed up for your list. They want to hear about the news happening at your restaurant, so as soon as you have that landing page and sign-up form set up on your site, send an email to your list letting them know to snag their reservation before you’re full.

Also, if you haven’t done this already, create a separate segment of your list with the people who make Thanksgiving reservations that way you can send them an individual email in the years to come letting them know to set their reservation with you again.

Get Updates Up on Social Media

Create a post on your Facebook page and your Twitter feed and pin or highlight it at the top of your feeds that way anyone who clicks on your Facebook or Twitter profile will see those updates first.

For Instagram, be sure to update the link in your profile to be the link for your Thanksgiving reservations sign-up landing page.

Once you have those key pieces in place, make sure you’re consistently posting across all your platforms every day until your reservations are fully booked. Try to mix up your posts with Thanksgiving food images, branded graphics, link posts, and consider making some videos talking about your menu, too.

Get creative because if you post the exact same update every single day, your posts are going to fall on deaf ears after someone has seen the update multiple times.

Get Signage Up In-House

Table tents, menu inserts, sandwich signs, and posters on your windows, make it visible to your patrons and passerby that you’re hosting a Thanksgiving feast.

And of course, it should go without saying, spread the word inside your restaurant through your servers and hosts, too! Have them ask if patrons have made their Thanksgiving dinner reservations and let people know that’s something you offer; then your visual cues will act as extra reinforcement.


Once you take care of these main items, then you can start employing other tactics like Facebook ads and sending mailers (if you have time and budget). But you may find that with consistency in posting on social media and making it easy for online visitors to make a reservation, you’ll get plenty of reservations to keep your tables full on Thanksgiving.

Trust us; you’ll be thankful for taking these steps now rather than waiting ’til the week before Thanksgiving!

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