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Should You Start Blogging for Your Restaurant Marketing?

  7 years ago Posted in: Pre-Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Websites
Should You Start Blogging for Your Restaurant Marketing?

Social media for your restaurant is non-negotiable. You have to utilize it if you want to be successful, no exceptions. However, as you read industry and marketing articles you may be feeling the push to create more original content on your website in the form of a blog.

If you couldn’t already guess by the title of the post, we’re not going to give you a clear-cut answer as to whether you need to blog or not, because the truth is, it all depends on a variety of unique factors. Specifically: your activity in the community, how many stories you have to share, and if you have something to teach.

And although blogging is a great way to communicate with your customers, boost your website’s SEO, and connect with visitors to your site on a deeper level, it’s just not for every establishment.

So, to see if blogging for your restaurant is the right idea, keep reading:

Your Activity in the Community

For restaurants that consistently go out into the community to participate in local events, markets, fundraisers, you name it, it’s nice to have a hub of information where your fans can know where you’ll be and when.

Of course, you’re also going to want to share these details on social media, but you have to meet your customers where they are. And if that means they want to quickly take a look at your blog to see your upcoming events in one place rather than scrolling through your social feeds where they might miss something, give them that convenience.

In addition to participating within the community, if your restaurant also holds frequent events for the community (think cooking classes, special dinners, brunches, etc.), announce those events on your blog, provide all the details, include a form where guests can make reservations, and then push that link out on social media.

Remember, not all your fans are going to see what you post on social media, so if you have a lot going on, put the news in various places (like a blog), which you can then link in your newsletter (you have a newsletter, yes?) and on social media.

The Stories You Have to Share 

Is your restaurant a frequent host of rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, and special gatherings to celebrate birthdays, babies or baseball game wins?

If you run a restaurant that frequently has a story tied to the reason why people dine there, you’ve got something to blog about.

Grab the contact of someone hosting the party and ask if you could call to ask them a few questions later in the week about their experience and if they would be willing to share it. The stories don’t need to be long, just get the background and the feel-good factor that will make someone reading it think, “That’s a great idea, we should go there to celebrate our ________, too!”

And it doesn’t necessarily need to be celebratory stories, maybe you tell the story of one of your most loyal and interesting customers. Also, tell the stories within your restaurant. Give people a behind-the-scenes look at how you create the newest offerings on your menu, or interview your sous chefs and get them to talk about their love of food.

Also, don’t think these stories have to be all text. Other forms of content you can put on your blog include videos and photo essays, your blog is merely the home where all these documented stories live.

 What You Have to Teach

Have the perfect solution for reheating pizza so that it still tastes like it came right out of your oven? Have grilling tips you know your guests would love to have in their own culinary arsenal? Unique wine pairing suggestions?

We’re not talking about unleashing all of your own kitchen’s secrets, but give your guests some insider tips on food and drink and you’ll also be giving them a reason to consistently refer back to you.

You’re establishing your restaurant’s team as experts and providing your guests value outside of your restaurant, which is fabulous!

Share these tips on your blog so that you can consistently link back to them on social media and drive people back to your website where they can set a reservation at your restaurant, sign up for your list, and check out your most up-to-date menu.


After reading about these three overarching blog factors, you might be thinking that your restaurant doesn’t have enough to share for a blog, and that’s fine, don’t do it!

Not every restaurant will have as much blog-appropriate content to share. You might be better off with micro-blogging on Instagram or sharing your short stories in a unique way on Snapchat. The most important thing to think about is where your customers want to consume information and what kinds of content they want to consume.

If you need help pinpointing who you’re talking to, where you need to be talking with them, and how to put it all together, get in touch with us. This stuff is our bread and butter (no pun intended), and we’re ready to help you with making your restaurant marketing a success.

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