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The Full Course

Now that your doors are open and your restaurant is running smoothly perhaps the “new place in town” buzz has worn off and you need to do something to attract new customers? DC Food Buzz is here to help and we would love to work with you to develop a marketing strategy to bring in new customers to fill your restaurant. Our Full Course plan is exactly what you need to establish your brand before you risk losing out on major business opportunities.

How We Bring the Buzz in to Your Biz

Our Ingredients

  • Custom Built and Fully Responsive Website
  • Basic Architecture & Roadmap
  • Power Up Your Social Presence
  • Content Creation and Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Advanced Targeted Advertising

  • Influencer Outreach
  • Campaign and Contest Planning and Implementation
  • Online Landscape Analysis and Monitoring
  • Optimized Local Search Listings

Is this plan for you?

If you feel like business is slowing down, it’s time to get fully on board with services that will bring new customers to your restaurant. Our Full Course plan covers all the bases and leaves no stone unturned when revamping your brand and leading more customers through your front doors.

Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza After opening their fourth location in the greater Washington, DC area, the owners at Pete’s were struggling with their online marketing. They brought us in to develop a marketing strategy, so we created a custom, fully responsive website to meet their growing business’s needs, and launched a new social media marketing campaign to drive traffic to their website and customers to their restaurants.
Our full suite of services work together to bring your restaurant to the forefront of the food scene.