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The Appetizer Plan

Perfect for restaurateurs who are just starting out, this plan is our bread and butter for up-and-coming food spots. As you know, the work that goes into opening your restaurant is extensive, but if you don’t also put in the work online before your doors open, you might be left with less than a full house. Our services exist to make sure that doesn’t happen.

How We Generate Buzz Before You Even Open Your Doors

Our Ingredients

  • Building Custom Placeholder Websites
  • Domain and Website Set-Up
  • Social Media Account Set-Up
  • Social Media Marketing and Announcements
  • Influencer Outreach

  • Email Marketing and List Building
  • Optimized Web Content
  • Optimized Local Search Listings
  • Online Landscape Analysis and Monitoring

Is this the plan for you?

The time to start your marketing efforts isn’t when you open, it’s when you’ve signed on the dotted line for your restaurant to become a reality. The earlier you implement your marketing plan, the more success you’ll have. But even if you haven’t developed your marketing strategy let alone started marketing yet, its not too late to create buzz for your grand opening and have a full house, Let us take command of your early phase marketing so we can lay the foundation for a captivated audience from the get-go.

Bethesda Barbecue Company  Prior to their launch in Downtown Bethesda, we developed an early phase marketing strategy and ramped up Bethesda Barbecue’s social media marketing in an effort to create buzz, build a following and drive more traffic to Bethesda BBQ’s placeholder website. Then visitors were prompted to sign up for news updates and special offers. Once the announcement of their launch date was made and Bethesda BBQ had a stellar opening, we integrated their website with an easy-to-use CMS to allow for quick updates.
Our pre-opening marketing strategies launch your restaurant into success from the start.