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6 Things to Include in Your Restaurant’s Email Marketing Campaigns

  7 years ago Posted in: Business, Pre-Marketing
6 Things to Include in Your Restaurant’s Email Marketing Campaigns

The beginning of a new month rolls around and the dread sets in; you have to create your next newsletter aka email marketing campaign.

You think to yourself, “Didn’t I just do this?” Well, yes, you probably did.

Beyond the fact that this feeling indicates that you probably need to be more on top of your content marketing plan, it’s also indicative that you’re most likely leaving some crucial things off of your restaurant’s emails that could be a huge driver for bringing in repeat customers.

So, if you’re ever feeling at a loss for what to include in your restaurant’s email marketing campaigns, refer to this list, and you should be set and ready to hit send.

1.) Subscriber-Exclusive Deals and News

The whole point of someone signing up for your email list is so they can get something out of it.

Sometimes that thing is simply knowing when you have a dish back on your menu, but most of the time, patrons sign up for your list because they want something exclusive they can only get if they’re your list.

Whether it’s a monthly promotion only shared with your email subscribers (not featured anywhere on your social media or in your restaurant) or access to insiders-only events, treat your emails like an exclusive club, not a bulletin board at the local coffee house littered with business cards.

2.) Upcoming Events

You can’t create a few posts on social media for an upcoming event you’re hosting and expect people to show up.

You need to give ample warning to your email subscribers first because those are the people who will 1.) be the most interested in your event and 2.) are most likely to bring other people to the event and share it on social media both before and after they attend.

So, before you share anything on social media, make sure you’ve addressed your upcoming events with your email list, and then you can focus on promoting your event on social and get the word out.

And back to the point on exclusivity. Give your subscribers first access to snagging a seat at a special event or exclusive savings as a thank you for being loyal. This strategy will help ensure that your event attendance will be fabulous and not a flop.

3.) Menu Highlights

As you know, many of your social media posts only get seen by a small fraction of the people who follow you. However, everyone on your email list is guaranteed to receive your emails. Now it becomes a matter of if you’ll entice them enough open them or not.

It’s safe to say that anyone who is on your email list is a fan of your food, or else they wouldn’t have signed up for your list, so you already know without-a-doubt that your subscribers want to know the skinny on your latest plates.

Give them a teaser at the new item in your subject line and be sure to include a drool-worthy picture and description of your new or returning dish to keep your open rates and sales soaring.

4.) Customer Shout Outs

Who doesn’t love having a second in the spotlight? When you shout-out a customer for sharing something cool, funny, or meaningful about your restaurant on social media, you’re not only showing them that the stories they create while dining in your restaurant matter, but you’re also showing other customers that your staff appreciates and values when they share those moments!

Re-share your customer’s post, make sure to tag them and give them proper credit, and add in a short call-to-action for your other subscribers to share with you on social media by tagging your Instagram or Twitter handle or using your restaurant’s hashtag.

5.) Images

Make sure you’re making your email enjoyable to scroll through by including images!

Images of your food, inside your restaurant, your customers enjoying a great time while dining, and anything pertinent to the written content of your email.

Images are essential in drawing people in and making your emails easy to read by breaking it up with visuals.

6.) Social Media Sharing Buttons

Finally, a simple touch, but one we see so many restaurant managers forget to include.

Having your social icons in the footer of your email lets your subscribers know that you are on social, and it’s also a reminder for them to follow you and to share when they’re at your restaurant.

Simple, but effective!
Have any other questions about what you should include in a restaurant email marketing campaign? Let us know in the comments!

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