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The Appetizer Plan

Clueless about how to promote your STARTUP? Don’t worry, ‘coz we serve every recipe that your restaurant requires to thrive online. Your delicious food requires our feature-rich services. Let us help you build your social presence all over the town.

Adding Elegance to your Menu

Our Ingredients

Placeholder Website

  • Initial Domain and Website Setup
  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Announcements
  • Influencer Outreach

  • Early Email Marketing
  • Optimized Website Content
  • Scan and monitor Landscape
  • Local Search Listings

Why you need this plan?

Promote your bread and bean, or else you’ll be the only one eating it. Without utilizing the social
media potential, your business is going to fade away soon. Realize the true potential of digital
marketing before it’s too late. Expand your customer base with our expert advertising strategies.
Our websites and applications are designed keeping customer’s passion in mind. The big
brands have also gained much power since their online presence — have a look. Ignore the
stats on your own risk.

Delicious Plans — from our kitchen to yours